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Burst Water Pipes

Got burst water pipes? There’s little time to waste!

When it comes to burst water pipes, speed is everything. You need to work quickly to reduce the damage and get the burst pipe fixed as soon as possible. If you are dealing with a burst water pipe, here are some simple steps to control the damage.

Emergency Burst Water Pipe Services | Plumber Gold Coast | Your Local Plumber

First, locate and turn off your water main, then turn on a tap on the outside to drain the system. This will stop the flow of water and limit the damage. Then, try and divert the water to outside, or soak it up with old towels. Then turn off your electricity at its source. Electricity and water don’t mix, and you don’t want to risk anyone getting electrocuted.

Next, call an emergency plumber. An emergency plumber will repair the broken pipeline and inspect your plumbing system to find any additional damage.

We fix burst water pipes on the Gold Coast

A burst water pipe is one of the most stressful plumbing emergencies. If you find yourself dealing with burst water pipes, then call Your Local Plumber. Our emergency plumber will respond to the situation as quickly as possible to repair the broken pipe and give you advice about containing the damage.We service commercial, industrial and residential properties on the Gold Coast and are fully equipped to respond to emergency situations.

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