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Got questions? Your Local Plumber is here to help!

We offer a range of plumbing services for residential, industrial and commercial properties on the Gold Coast. If you have questions about any of our services, feel free to look at our list of frequently asked questions.
If you don’t see your question there, give us a call. Our friendly team is always happy to answer your questions.So, if you’re looking for a reliable and dedicated plumber on the Gold Coast, then give Your Local Plumber a call today.

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What’s causing my blocked drain?

The water’s not going down the drain. You’re totally repulsed. Fixing it’s going to be wet, slimy and smelly. Not fun at all! Luckily, Your Local Plumber can help. We’ve seen lots of blocked drains in our time and we’ve found that there are two main areas that usually block up, internal plumbing fixtures (e.g. basin, shower, and bath) and drainage pipes.

Blockages in basins, showers, and baths are usually caused by a build-up of soap scum, hair, and dirt. Kitchen sink blockages are usually caused by a grease build-up inside of the pipe and fittings. Toilet blockages are usually caused kids toys, excess paper, feminine hygiene products and nappies.

If your blockage is not caused by any of the above, the cause could be a broken pipe, or tree roots. In these cases, the drain is cleared out by placing a high-powered water jet into the drain through an access point. Once the drain has been cleaned out, we can put a camera down the drain to locate the blockage. If no breakages or tree roots are found, then the cause may have been a foreign object. If tree roots are found, a section of pipe will need replacing.

What is a CCTV camera inspection?

This very handy machine can be placed down an access point in your drain to help locate damaged pipes, or blockages. Once the problem has been found, we use a high frequency locator to pinpoint the problem area. This takes all the guess work away, saving you time and money.

Why are my taps leaking?

Taps that continuously leak will waste lots of water and significantly increase your water bill. The main cause of a dripping tap is a worn washer, which is an easy fix. Sometimes, however, the seat that the washer sits on is worn or damaged.If it’s only slightly worn, we can reseat the body, but if not, we can thread a new stainless-steel set into the body.

Why is my toilet leaking?

Cisterns are the main cause of toilet leaks. Leaking cisterns will leak into the toilet bowl, or make a hissing sound. This is usually caused by a faulty inlet valve, or a faulty seal on the outlet valve. Replacing inlet and outlet valves is relatively easy, but on occasion the seat itself could be damaged or faulty. If this is the case, the whole cistern, or the whole unit, may need replacing. If water is leaking on the floor, this could be the could be the rubber connection between the toilet pan and cistern, the control cock on the wall, or on occasions, just poor aiming.

What’s wrong with my hot water system?

If you’re having lukewarm showers, or have no hot water at all, the problem could be as simple as a faulty valve, or an electrical problem. Most of the time we can talk you through how to check for these issues over the phone. If yourhot water unit is leaking from the seams, then your unit needs replacing. We can do this without any fuss. We can even take the old heater away for you, if requested.

Do you do commercial plumbing?

We sure do! If you’ve just started up a new business, or shop whether it be a restaurant, hair dressing saloon or takeaway joint, and require some plumbing work, Your Local Plumber can help! We can add new fixtures, water cylinders, grease traps, or hot water units.We also respond to plumbing emergencies,so we can fix blocked drains, or leaking tapsthat strike at inconvenient times.

Do you offer new construction plumbing?

Absolutely! If you’re in the process of building your new home, call Your Local Plumber for all your new residential plumbing requirements.

Firstly, we will need a set of plans or working drawings. From here we can discuss all the aspects and procedures with you, including the type of taps and fixtures that will be used, or any special requests.We can then provide a fixed price quotation.All our work is inspected and certified by the local authorities so that it complies with the Queensland Plumbing and Drainage Act.

I’ve got a plumbing emergency! What do I do?

Emergencies happen when you least expect them.Some common plumbing emergencies include: a blocked drain or toilet, a burst water pipe under the sink, or no more hot water. Maybe your shower head has fallen off, or your shower won’t turn off. Whatever the case, we’re only a phone call away, and with our large range of stock we carry in our vans,we can have the issue sorted in no time.

Do you offer plumbing for bathroom renovations?

Yes! If you’re upgrading your bathrooms to add value to your home, we can advise you on the best way to do it. Whether you’re adding new fixtures, or just replacing old with new, there are many ways to rearrange, modernize, add or extend your bathroom. If you need assistance with bathroom renovations, we can recommend different options to suit your budget.