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Leaking Taps & Toilets

Got leaking taps and toilets? Your Local Plumber can help

There’s nothing more annoying than a toilet that won’t stop hissing, or a tap that won’t stop dripping.Leaking taps and toilets are a common issue for households and businesses alike. Not only is it annoying, but leaking fixtures lead to lots of wasted water and rack up huge costs on your water bill.

Worse yet, if it’s hot water leaking from your tap, it’s also using up power (another cost). If your leaks persist, or you can’t find the source, it’s best to call in the professionals.

Leaking Taps

While one tap might not seem like much, over the course of a year, one dripping tap can waste a whopping 20,000 litres of water!A leaking tap will never stop on its own. In fact, they only get worse. Sometimes a repair is as simple as a new washer, but other times the cause is more complicated and without a proper inspection, you tap could start leaking again within a few weeks. To save time and money, call in a licenced plumber as soon as possible.

Leaking toilets

Most of the time a leaking toilet will reveal itself via an annoying hissing sound. Other times you may notice your toilet isn’t flushing or filling properly. If any of these issues occur, then your toilet is very likely leaking. There are two main causes of a leaking toilet: a faulty inlet valve and a faulty outlet valve. Leaking toilets can be difficult to fix by yourself, so if your toilet is giving you grief, call in a professional plumber.

Got leaking taps and toilets? Your Local Plumber can help

Our dedicated, professional team will find the source of your leaks and get them fixed in no time. We can usually repair your taps and toilets on the spot, but due to the wide range of taps and toilets available on the Gold Coast, we may need to order in parts. If, for some reason, we can’t complete full repairs, we’ll fix you up with temporary repairs to stop water leaking and money being wasted. If you need help with leaking taps and toilets, then call Your Local Plumber today.

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